Ten Commandments of Physical Security

Physical security fails, they can be pretty hilarious, and though some companies have been keeping up with the curve, many still are so far behind it’s no longer funny. Using real world examples and live demos, this talk discusses what are being called the Ten Commandments of Physical Security, a baseline for companies and security professionals to use when looking at their own physical security. From the obvious to the thought provoking, this talk will change the way you think about physical security.

Drew Redshift Porter

Drew Redshift Porter (@iamredshift) is the founder of Red Mesa, a premium security consulting, engineering and research firm, specializing in full-spectrum zero knowledge, Red Team engagements for the Fortune 100, critical infrastructure providers, and large technology innovators. He is a recognized expert in Physical, Wireless, and IoT/ICS security. Drew is also a sought after speaker, who has presented at many security conferences, intelligence agencies and NATO allies. He has been quoted in multiple publications, including Forbes, CSO Online, and PCWorld. Drew can usually be found social engineering people in bars or rolling in his SIGINT Jeep.