Searching the Void - IPv6 Network Reconnaissance

The entire IPv4 Internet can be scanned in under 10 minutes. To scan the entire IPv6 internet, it would take longer than livable lifetime of Earth. Security professionals and organizations are going to have to learn to handle networks of unimaginable scale. Fortunately, there are some tricks and best practices that infosec pros can use to overcome the sheer volume of possible IPv6 addresses. This talk will cover methods to substantially shrink the number of IPv6 addresses one needs to scan and blue team-inspired techniques to find potential entry points on an IPv6 network.

Kevin Tyers

Kevin Tyers is a long term infosec professional who as worked in a variety of industries. His two main passions are network security and programming. His experience working for a large ISP informed his practices around internet scale profiling and research. He has presented at CactusCon, BsidesLV, SANS Hackfest, and many other conferences.