Ring 0 Assembly

Would you like to experiment with Ring 0 assembly without having to piggy back off of a driver or something as equally complicated? Boot sector programming is a fun way to get started, where there is no operating system. This talk will help you to get started on how to quickly assemble these programs, the BIOS programming environment, and best strategies of debugging. This talk will provide some starting points like how to set up video memory and your own stack, important register use, a time delay loop, keyboard input, randomization, and colors. Finally, this talk will showcase some notable examples of some boot sector games and demos including: Tetranglix, some Trons, Nyanboot, Phosphene, Bootable Goatse, and a challenging reversing game called BootMeCrackMe.


XlogicX hacks at anything low level; packets, file formats, quarantine routines, signature based systems, regex engines, and machine code (because assembly language isn't low level enough). He currently lives and plays in NYC and enjoys long walks in the street.

Bryan Geesey

Computer and electronics hobbyist. Enjoys tinkering and hacking. Hopes to one day build a strong general AI.