December 6-7, 2019 | Mesa AZ

Not Your Grandma's CTI OODA Loop - Community Defense Explained

Do you use cyber threat intelligence? Do you "share" intel with others? What if you could "see" everything your intelligence sharing community sees on their network in real-time as you receive the intelligence? Imagine the possibilities for what we could accomplish together, like birds of a feather...

We are on cusp of making real-time interaction across thousands of security organizations a reality. In cooperation with ISACs & ISAOs across the country, we are laying the foundation for a new way to defend against cyber threats. Join Dave as he explains how we got where we are in CTI and the amazing opportunities when we respond in concert to threats including: The PPTs of the CTI Lifecycle, the Importance of Sharing Communities, the Technologies the Break the Chicken & Egg Problem, How You Can Participate.


Dave is a leader in the cyber intelligence sharing space. He has worked with several industry ISACs and has been on the cutting edge of security standards development and product automation. His vision for community defense has been cited numerous times since his early work with the FS-ISAC Security Automation Working Group and start of the STIX & TAXII standards. He is an advisor for Perch Security and previously worked at American Express, Cyber Intelligence team. He holds an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Chicago and is a CISSP-ISSMP. Formerly an architect and construction manager of large mega-projects in Asia, Dave learned to become fluent in Mandarin Chinese after living in Shanghai for over a decade.