CActusCon CTF

TBA - requires separate registration

Your goal: compromise a fictitious company by stealing user passwords and exploiting vulnerabilities in the deployed services. This year’s CTF competition focuses on a combination of web, mobile, reverse, forensic, and steganographic exploits.

Challengers assemble teams of up to five people and compete in order to win as many points as possible. The winning team will be the one to score the most points at the end of the allotted time.

The CTF will run from 9AM to 6PM on Friday, 9/28 for onsite attendees.

CTF registration:

BJJ at CactusCon

TBA - requires separate registration

For the first time ever, CactusCon is hosting a BJJ training event where computer security professionals can get together and train/learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Like other events with CactusCon, this event is free to attend, however, attendance is limited. The event will be 9/27, the Thursday before CactusCon, from 6pm until 8pm.

If you have registered for CactusCon, you should have received a link and a ticket code in your registration confirmation and as an email from Eventbrite to sign up for the BJJ event. Use the registration code in the email to sign up.

BJJ Registration (Eventbrite)

CactusCon Kids

TBA - requires separate registration

CactusCon Kids is a workshop within the main CactusCon conference targeted at ages 8 and up.

Registration is separate from the main conference, so get your tickets from Eventbrite if you want to participate.

CactusCon Kids website
Eventbrite registration

Lockpick Village

CactusCon will be hosting a lockpick village once again for 2018.

Hardware Hacking

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