December 6-7, 2019 | Mesa AZ

Crypto Hero

Protect data with strong cryptography (AES, RSA, SHA) and attack these systems (Existential Forgery, Padding Oracle, and more).  Make Ethereum smart contracts in Solidity and hack them, and configure private Multichain blockchains.

This is a hands-on workshop with a series of CTF-style challenges, beginning with simple data conversions and extending to advanced methods appropriate for experts.  We will briefly explain and demonstrate the techniques, and will help participants individually with the challenges.

Most challenges require nothing more than a computer with the Chrome web browser.  No prior programming or cryptography experience is necessary.

Sam Bowne

Sam Bowne is an instructor at City College San Francisco, and has been teaching hacking and security classes for ten years.  He has presented talks and workshops at Defcon, HOPE, RSA, BSidesLV, BSidesSF, and many other conferences.  He has a CISSP and a PhD and is like, really smart.

Elizabeth Biddlecome

Elizabeth Biddlecome is a consultant and instructor, delivering technical training and mentorship to students and professionals.   She leverages her enthusiasm for architecture, security, and code to design and implement comprehensive information security solutions for business needs.  Elizabeth enjoys wielding everything from soldering irons to scripting languages in cybersecurity competitions, hackathons, and CTFs.