December 6-7, 2019 | Mesa AZ

The road to hiring is paved in good intentions

Everyone is complaining there is no one to hire, they can not find qualified candidates, the hiring process is a pain – but yet there are folks wanting to get into the InfoSec field or into a new opportunity that have been unable. Why is that, and how as hiring managers should (and could) we be facilitating to improve the situation – and have more qualified candidates?

Tim O’Brien

Tim O’Brien is a 17-year information security professional and a subject matter expert in risk and incident management, intrusion and data analysis and secure architecture design. Tim is well versed in developing technical solutions, determining the best options for the business and its goals, and creating comprehensive implementation plans that minimize risk for the organization. His excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, with emphasis on understanding relationships among technical problems, result in sound and effective business solutions while reducing risk. He enjoys mentoring others and helping them develop their skills through supervisory positions, coursework development, mentoring, presenting at and helping run InfoSec conferences as well as instructional roles. Having progressed through the ranks to hiring manager and director level, he has experienced the pain from both sides of the hiring process and desires to improve the situation for the InfoSec/hacker community.