December 6-7, 2019 | Mesa AZ


Starting from Espionage and ending at OSINT, our data gathering techniques has been developed magnificently. In 90's, the security posture of national security, law enforcement agencies, Cyber Security agencies was totally different. At that time gathering, data about someone was very difficult due to fewer Internet resources.But, this digital era has overcome the techniques used for information gathering in 90's by Intelligence Gathering. It includes gathering data from various public sources and their API. Activities which one performs in its entire lifespan is recorded by various public sources.Intelligence Gathering includes human, geo-location, open-source, signals, digital and financial intelligence. The CIA, NSA, and RGA are using OSINT for collecting data as collateral information.

In order to debunk people myth's about information gathering, I made an open source tool called as OSINT-SPY which I will release after this talk. OSINT-SPY can find information about a person, email, an organization, person's geolocation, domain names, publicly available devices on the internet and so on. It can be used by Data Miners, Infosec Researchers, Penetration Testers and cyber crime investigator in order to find deep information about their target.

Sharad Kumar

Sharad Kumar is a cyber security researcher and digital forensics investigator. His skills include penetration testing of Web Application, Network & Android, IOS devices with Digital Forensics, Malware Analysis and shell coding.He is an active member of the cyber security community and has attended top cyber security conferences around the globe like BLACKHAT, RSA, COCOON, etc. He has given various seminars and online training to the USA, Scotland students. He is working as Cyber Security Engineer and Penetration Tester at Tutorialspoint.