Identify, exploit, and chain web app vulnerabilities

Learn how to identify, exploit, and chain web-app vulnerabilities that you don't see every day. These vulnerabilities will include Server-Side Template Injection, Serialization vulnerabilities and more. We will identify how common protection mechanisms in languages such as Ruby on Rails, Django and PHP can be bypassed/exploited.

John Poulin

John is a Principal Application Security Consultant who specializes in web application security. John has over 9 years of experience in development, management, and code analysis of web applications. John specializes in Ruby on Rails applications, but is happy to work in any MVC framework. John is leading the development of a tool called Httpillage, which provides the ability to perform distributed attacks against web applications. He also plays a role in developing and maintaining nVisium’s internal security services. John graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in German.