Viewing the "Cyber Intrusion Kill Chain" as the "Cyber Career Chain"... hack the process and start paying off those crippling student loans!

  • Reconnaissance: Job search, company and job research
  • Weaponization: Prepare for application, interview, and career
  • Delivery: Application and follow-up
  • Exploitation: the Interview
  • Installation: the Hiring process, onboarding
  • Command and Control: Establishing your communications channels
  • Actions on Objectives: Career management

Glen Walker

Glen Walker has worked in Network Operations and Security Operations technical and leadership roles for seventeen years in the Media, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and Financial industries. An avid security hobbyist, Glen attends and has spoken at multiple security conferences and holds multiple professional certifications of varying value and legitimacy from SANS, ISACA, ISC2, and CompTIA. To help security professionals at many different levels, Glen has been talking to InfoSec classes and groups about what his teams have been looking for and what differentiates the candidates they have hired. Glen is not an expert, just speaking as somebody very familiar with the hiring process, not as any specific role at any specific company.