Decoding digital mobile radio systems using software defined radio

Decoding digital mobile radio systems using software defined radio.  With a $10-$20 USB Software Defined Radio (SDR) receiver on a PC, you can receive and play a broad range of signals from the airwaves.  However, anyone who has scanned the airwaves with a scanner or SDR setup quickly realizes that the vast majority of signals found are digital systems that they can't listen to.  Don't tune past these gems.  Decode them with free software for digital speech decoding.  We'll step you through configuring SDR#, digital speech decoder, Unitrunker, and various tools you can use to build a super-scanner on your PC.  Time permitting, we will explain how some of the larger digital mobile radio systems in the Phoenix area work.

Dan H.264

Dan is a technology risk professional with a 20 year background in network security, intrusion detection, forensics, incident handling, and protecting complex manufacturing environments from cyber attacks.  Over the last 25 years, he tinkered with and modified surplus radio communications systems to see what he could get away with.


Putting it all together:

Radio systems and frequencies in your area: